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Grow is a home accessory with the goal of inspiring and encouraging people to fill their homes with foliage.


It has been proven that plants have a positive impact on indoor spaces, as well as the human psyche, and we could all benefit by bringing a bit more green into our lives.  


The collection consists of CNC-milled ash wood treys in different sizes, as well as a range of terrariums, terracotta pots, and propagation vessels. 

Egyptian daybed

The Egyptian daybed was a collaboration with textile designer Liv Marie Rømer, inspired by traditional Egyptian gereed palm trays and crates.


The trays and crates are used by merchants to store and transport bread and fruit, and have been a part of the Egyptian culture for hundreds of years.  


Both the construction of the daybed, as well as the pattern of the textile, draws heavily on the horizontal and vertical intersections seen in the gereed constructions.  

The daybed can be collapsed from a sofa to a bed, for naps or overnight visitors. 

Table for reassembly

The intent of the project was to design a piece of furniture that can be produced in a sustainable manner, whilst also encouraging the user to consume responsibly. 


All the components are made from maple wood, a renewable and degradable natural resource.  The production does not require use of any high pressure or temperature methods, or toxic chemicals harmful to the environment.  


None of the joints are fixed with glue or screws, allowing the user to easily dis and reassemble the parts for transportation, maintenance, repairs, replacement, or recycling. 

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